Sure, it's truly the shadow of Io crossing the floor of Jupiter.

JunoCam aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft continues to offer Earth-bound people with a gentle stream of beautiful photos of Jupiter. We can’t get bored with the hypnotic and supernatural great thing about the fuel large. This picture of Io passing over Jupiter is the final to awaken our sense of surprise.

This picture was processed by Kevin Gill, a NASA software program engineer who produced different breathtaking photos of Jupiter.

The JunoCam of the Juno Area Shuttle was despatched to Jupiter for this function. Take footage of Jupiter and its moons and make them accessible to customers. There’s a big gallery of this work right here.

The entire image of Jupiter by Kevin Gill. Picture Credit score: NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Kevin M. Gill © CC BY

This picture is from knowledge captured by Juno about 8000 km above the floor of Jupiter. Juno follows an especially elliptical orbit round Jupiter, diving carefully and risking excessive radiation publicity, then making a distant loop over a distance of greater than eight million kilometers.

Io is a really giant moon; it’s about the identical measurement because the Moon of the Earth. Jupiter, nonetheless, is barely a slight shadow, emphasizing the immensity of the planet and its standing as the biggest planet within the photo voltaic system.

One other processed picture of Io's shadow on Jupiter. Picture Credit score: NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / AstroHD © CC NC SA

Though we name it a shadow, it's actually the identical factor as a photo voltaic eclipse right here on Earth. However due to the huge measurement distinction between Earth and Jupiter, shade appears to be a extra applicable time period.

This picture comes from the New Horizons probe. It exhibits Io orbiting Jupiter, with one in every of its many volcanoes erupting. He was captured in 2007 when New Horizons was heading for Pluto. Picture credit score: NASA / Johns Hopkins College Utilized Physics Laboratory / Southwestern Analysis Institute / Goddard Spaceflight Heart

Jupiter has a strong impact on all the things close by. The Juno spacecraft makes use of a extremely elliptical orbit to guard itself from Jupiter's excessive radiation belts. All digital elements of the spacecraft are housed in a titanium vault to guard them. Nonetheless, his devices will ultimately succumb to radiation and the spacecraft will likely be despatched to its destruction in Jupiter 's environment.

Jupiter can also be chargeable for the volcanic exercise of Io. The immense gravity of the fuel large pulls on the moon, producing friction and warmth inside Io. This melts the rock and creates volcanic exercise. The opposite Galilean moons additionally contribute to this warming of the tide.

One other picture of Kevin Gill. Picture Credit score: NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Kevin M. Gill © CC BY

The JunoCam has all the time seduced us with photos of Jupiter and his moons. Right here's a pattern of JunoCam's protection of Universe Right now's photos.

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